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H.urna: Use senses to learn




Free Platform for Learning, Debugging and Teaching

There is computer instructions, mathematical formulas and physical concepts we want to understand while we cannot look at directly. H.urna aims to transform those abstract objects into visualizations which human minds and senses may easily use.

No Subscription, No Constraints, Nothing To Install, Easy to Use!


The core belief behind the project:

At Hurna, we believe that everyone can understand anything and that everything may be learnt. By revealing the mechanics behind ‘complex’ computation, it helps to understand oneself, at its own pace and discover many other things.

Our goal is to: “awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” (Albert Einstein)

The Platform:

H.urna is articulated around interactives animations and visualizers allowing to see algorithms, data structures, maths, physics... Basically, anywhere there is code or symbols that need understanding.

General view of the platform. Here seeing a Comb sort animation in pause using 2 synchronized visualizers.

Here, a maze generation showing the ‘Recursive Divison’ algorithm enhancing structure and duality between tree and grid representations (including flooding).

For more advanced users, H.urna is useful as an online tool for debugging and experimenting with various modules:

A Depth First Search Maze generation where you may conduct further analysis during computation: on the top-left corner is retrieved the current state of a cell (the one below the mouse cursor). 

In Practice, what can I do with?

Some examples you could use H.urna for:

- Hurna ( Main Website giving you global information

- Hurna Explorer ( The Visualization Platform

→ Reveal what's inside the black box of an algorithm.

→ Create mazes, fractals, animations etc.

→ Teach using animations and static visualizations as a support.

→ ...

- Hurna Wiki ( Wiki containing articles, documentations and lessons

→ Access to lessons with our Wiki.

→ Learn to handle properly the visualizers and how to analyse an algorithm in a snap

→ ... 

- Hurna Core ( Open Source Template project containing few algorithms with standard quality development tools integrated

→  Access to the open source C++ code libraries implementing common algorithms.

→  Test processes using your own data.

→ Learn best practices software development

→  ...

Projects In Progress:

- Hurna Lib (Release By September): Open source project with tools to easily build his own algorithms visualizations and analysis.

- Hurna Community (Release By October).

Let us know your experience, suggestions or just get in touch; H.urna will continue growing to offer you always more to explore.

To Contact us:

Enough talk,  let’s jump in the H.urna Explorer.

Keep Understanding, Keep Learning, Keep Creating, Keep Sharing - Hurna - 

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