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Emilie BACH

29 ans

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System process engineer


Depuis le 19 octobre 2015

Engineer (intern) - upstream process sciences

UCB , Braine l'alleud

De Février 2015 à Juillet 2015

UCB Pharma, Brussels, Belgium is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of innovative medicines with a focus on the fields of central nervous system and immunology disorders.

- Animal cell culture in stirred bioreactors (fed-batch): cell thawing, cell expansion in shake flasks and waves, equipment setup, antibody production in 80-L bioreactors.
- Process monitoring and process related documentation: fill up and review of batch records.
- Harvest process optimization: disk stack centrifugation, depth and membrane filtration.
- Pre-clinical batch manufacturing: process monitoring, primary recovery (GMP –like).
- Selection of a secondary supplier for harvest filters at 2,000-L scale: filter assessment at bench-scale, first sizing at 2,000-L scale.
- Product quality analysis: titer measurement (HPLC, Octet), antibody purification (Äkta Xpress), charge variant analysis (iCE3), size exclusion chromatography (Acquity UPLC).

Assistant engineer

QIAGEN MARSEILLE , Marseille cedex 9

De Septembre 2013 à Février 2014

- Quality improvement of a test based on RNA quantification (feasibility stage): RT-qPCR (Rotor Gene Q), selection of new RT and qPCR reagents, new control assessment, reports writing.
- Comparison of three RNA extraction methods (column, trizol)

Laboratory technician (internship)

INSERM , Nice cedex 3 - Stage

De Avril 2012 à Juin 2012

Subject: effect of the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Beta (PPARb) pathway after activation in primary cells (mouse CD4+ T lymphocyte and JURKAT human leukemic T cell line). Effect on metabolism and immunity.
- RNA quantification: RNA isolation, RT-qPCR (96-well plates)
- Protein quantification: Western Blot

Parcours officiels

Conception et Innovation de Bioproduits – UTC – 2015


Anglais - Courant

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Allemand - Courant


antibody production, , antibody purification (Äkta Xpress), antibody characterization (SEC, iCE, titer)
RNA purification, RNA quantification (Rotor Gene)