Florent MORTEL

Ingenieur BE / Essais

41 ans

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Chargé d'affaires eclairage public

Fédération Départementale de l'Energie de la Somme , Boves - Autre

De Juin 2019 à Aujourd'hui

Responsable projets

MECACHROME , Bully-les-mines

De Avril 2018 à Juin 2018

Responsable de campagne d'essais

Safran Aicraft Engines , Moissy cramayel - CDD

De Septembre 2016 à Février 2018

Essais de développement sur turboréacteur : programme d’essais, communication, coordination programme, bureau d'études et équipe d'essais, gestion délais,…

Responsable de campagne d'essais

Safran Aicraft Engines , Moissy cramayel - Intérimaire

De Mai 2015 à Mai 2016

Essais de développement sur turboréacteur : programme d’essais, communication, coordination programme, bureau d'études et équipe d'essais, gestion délais,…

Performance engineer

ROLLS-ROYCE , Derby - Non précisé

De Septembre 2014 à Avril 2015

-Modification du manuel du moteur Trent 1000 pour Boeing 787
-Définition des limites de l'instrumentation moteur pour essais Pass-Off
-Etalonnage croisé de bancs d'essai (cross-calibration)

Tp400 project manager

MCA BENELUX , Bruxelles - CDI

De Mai 2010 à Janvier 2014

MCA Benelux for SAFRAN Techspace Aero (Liers, B)

TP400 Assembly & Test Project Manager
- Development engine final assembly line management (management of a 10-person team, planning, reporting, problem & crisis solving, communication with partner companies, ensure on time delivery, …)
- Coordination of test bed tasks

AND from 07/2011: TP400 Engine owner
Responsible for the tests carried out on the engine and the engine itself (test plan & test definition)

AND from 04/2013 to 06/2013: support as an Aerodynamicist at Cenco (Aero Acoustic Department): Aerodynamic studies for energy saving in test bed (specifications, CFD)

Loads test engineer

AIRBUS , Hamburg - Autre

De Novembre 2008 à Avril 2009

AIRBUS Deutschland (Hamburg, D) through GCT-GED sitec
Loads Test Engineer in the Loads Test Engineering department (EDSVEG).
- Development of a testing loads calculation tool (Excel VBA)
- Calculation of discretised test loads
- Support of the test team for the generation of overall load configuration and by allocation of calculation results.

Airbus program manager officer

SONACA SA , Gosselies - CDI

De Avril 2008 à Septembre 2008

Airbus Program Manager Officer in the Marketing and Programs dept (MP-SAO)
- A350XWB slats program quotation
- follow-up of all Airbus programs (except A400M)
- Cost reduction programs
- Insuring A320 and A330-340 on time deliveries

Aerodynamic loads engineer

AIRBUS , Bremen - Autre

De Novembre 2007 à Février 2008

Aerodynamic Loads Engineer in the Aerodynamic data and model design dept (EDGADLG).
In charge of delivering the A350XWB fuselage target data using wind-tunnel and CFD data.
It involved:
- Aerodynamic loads analysis
- Data management: adaptation/creation of Fortran/Excel-VBA tools handling data

Cfd engineer


De Juin 2006 à Octobre 2007

CFD engineer at Multimatic (Dynamic Suspensions,Thetford, UK)
.Hydrodynamics: boat drive benchmarking, design and optimisation using CFD of in-house new stern drive.
- evaluation of front and rear wings for a Champ Car team (Panoz DP01)
- studies supporting wind-tunnel design
Software: ICEM CFD and CFX

Aerodynamic loads engineer

AIRBUS , Bristol - Autre

De Juillet 2004 à Juin 2006

AIRBUS UK (Filton, UK) through Huxley Associates
Aerodynamic Loads Engineer in the Aerodynamic data and model design dept (EDGADLU).
- A350 wing / winglet / slats / fuselage aerodynamic loads distribution studies
- CFD simulations
- CFD, flight and wind-tunnel tests analysis
- Programmation (Fortran, Matlab) of tools handling large amount of aerodynamics data

Msc research thesis - “cranfield f1 team” project: f1 aerodynamic design project using cfd


De Avril 2003 à Septembre 2003

Trans-national team project (5 students) where I was in charge of the front wing and I:
- studied the 2003 F.I.A. technical regulations
- made a bibliographical work about Formula 1 front wings since 1968
- designed 3 models of the front wing using CAD (Catia V5)
- meshed them using Gridgen
- solved the flow around the front wings using Fluent
- analysed the flow using Fieldview for visualisation
- set improvements and ideas for further work.
My aims were to design the front wings, to focus on the wing tips design and compare the
efficiency of the different models/devices I designed.

R&d trainee

VALEO ENGINE COOLING , La verriere - Stage

De Septembre 2001 à Février 2002

Valeo Engine Cooling (La Verrière, F): Training period as R&D engineer in the R&D-P3 Systems department where I managed to:
- build a program to predict the radiator outlet temperature
- make a 4-way valve reliable for the Themis project
These projects included:
- Wind-tunnel, bench and driving tests (incl. car preparation and mechanics supervision) that helped me building an aeraulic cartography, adding parts and modifying their design.
- Thermodynamics
- Programming (Matlab)
- Mechanical design

Formations complémentaires

Master of Science

Cranfield University - Aerospace Dynamics (Aerodynamics)

2002 à 2003

-Aerodynamics: Courses/Assignments
(Transonic wing design, Supersonic Aircraft design, Viscous Flow, Aeroelasticity,…)
-CFD: Courses/Assignments (Grid generation, programming, airfoil assessment,…)
-Flight Dynamics: Courses/Assignments/Flight tests
(Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control, Flying qualities and flight controls)
-Thesis Topic: ”Cranfield F1 Team, the front wing”

Master of Science

Université de Technologie de Compiègne - Mechanical engineering

2000 à 2003

utbm (University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, F):
Student in Mechanical engineering and design:
-Continuum mechanics
-Design methods
-Methods and programmes for solving engineering problems (CFD, FEA)
-History of Technology: Memoir about Car’s Aerodynamics.

Valeo Engine Cooling: 6-month training period.

utc (University of Technology of Compiègne, F):
Student in Mechanical engineering:
- Fluid mechanics and dynamics
- Elements of strength of materials.
- CAD (geometrical modeling)
- Design function
- Methods and programmes for solving engineering problems (FEA)
.Other :
- Economy and quality control (QS 9000, AMDEC, TQM,…)
- Introduction to company life (Marketing, Production, Finances, firm creation)
- Interdisciplinary approaches to communication

Parcours officiels

UTC – 2003


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  • Aerodynamics
  • Formula 1
  • Aeronautics
  • Photography
  • Astronomy