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Philippe LASNIER

Philippe LASNIER - Curriculum Vitae

TAUNTON (TA1 2LY) Royaume-Uni


Multifaceted technical career with a 30-year track record of designing and implementing robust software.

Professional software engineer with a broad experience and a solid history of developing high-quality software for large and small companies across a range of applications; particularly experienced in C, C++; the development of middleware, internal components, core code, and APIs; solo, in a team, or as lead of small teams.

■ Recognised for high-quality development, great attention to detail, keen analytic and investigative skills.
■ Excellent communication abilities; record of providing expert engineering support internally and externally.
■ Reliably work autonomously or as part of a team; experience of technical leadership of small teams.
■ Bilingual—native proficiency—English and French.

● C (20+years), C++ (10+years), x86 Assembly (10+y), C++/CLI.
● OOP (10+y), COM (10+y), WinAPI (10+y), Multithreading (10+y), Qt framework.
● Windows (20+y), Linux (3+ y).

● Internet email format/MIME, SMTP, MAPI, TNEF (10+y), Microsoft Exchange (Routing Agents, SMTP Events Sinks) (9y), Microsoft Outlook (COM Add-Ins, ECEs) (10+y), Lotus Notes/Domino email (Extensions) (8y), Novell NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) (7y), Novell NetWare 3.x and 4.x OS interfacing (7y), Internationalisation/Localisation, Windows NT kernel drivers.

● Data Loss Prevention (10+y), Continuous Data Protection, Backup (7y), Machine vision software development (5y), Hardware interfacing and control, Graphics and video formats, GUI (Qt).

● Experience of PostgreSQL, HTTP, XML, DirectX, file systems, networking protocols.
● Use of Visual Studio, VS Code, Qt Creator, GCC, Git, GitHub, GitLab, SVN, SourceSafe, Bugzilla, Redmine, Confluence, VMware Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox, WinDbg, GDB.
● Software development methodologies: Waterfall, IID, Agile Scrum.
● Writing and reviewing documentation, comprehensive bug reporting and investigation, providing expert help to customer support.

Expériences professionnelles

Senior software engineer

Spirent Communications , Paignton - CDI

De Septembre 2019 à Aujourd'hui

Senior tools engineer

XMOS , Bristol - CDI

De Avril 2018 à Mai 2019

Senior software engineer

MultiTaction , Helsinki - CDI

De Janvier 2017 à Avril 2018

Research and develop Microsoft Windows applications for MultiTaction's iWall.

Software development senior engineer

Dell Software , Poole - CDI

De Décembre 2013 à Octobre 2016

Senior principal software engineer


De Septembre 2000 à Juillet 2013

Formation complémentaire

Master of Science

Cranfield University - Robotique

1986 à 1987

Double-diplôme UTC-CIT



Parcours officiels

Production Automatisée – UTC – 1987


Anglais - Langue maternelle

Français - Langue maternelle


C, C , Assembly, COM, MIME, SMTP, MAPI, TNEF, DLP, Windows, Win32, XML, .NET (C /CLI), HTTP, Agile, HTML, NLM, CDP
C, C++, COM, Win32, Assembly, .NET (C++/CLI), JavaScript, SQL — Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, Agile, Linux — Internet email format/MIME, SMTP, MAPI, TNEF, Microsoft Outlook (COM Add-Ins, ECEs), Microsoft Exchange (Routing Agents, SMTP Events Sinks), H

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