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25 ans - La Ville Du Bois (91620) France

Situation professionnelle

A l'écoute du marché

Souhait professionnel

Ingénieur R&D de produits sportifs
3 à 5 ans
Entre 30 k et 40 k€
Type de contrat
33 Gironde, 44 Loire-Atlantique
- Ingénieur de recherche et développement
- Ingénieur produit/process
- Ingénieur de production
- Loisirs, Culture, Sport
- Armement, Construction naval


My interest for mecanics started at the University when I chose the program 'Mechanical Engineering" that made me want to know more. That is the reason why I have decided to complete an Mechanical Engineering Degree in order to achieve my professional project.

I am fascinated by innovation and high technology, especially in the sporting environment, that is why my ambition is to get involved in innovative projects to create the technologies of tomorrow

I have been high-level athlete for several years, and it’s in this sector I would give my contribution by designing and developing new products with the aim of improving the performances for each user.

Expériences professionnelles

Packaging compatibility engineer

L'OREAL , Aulnay-sous-bois - CDI

De Octobre 2019 à Aujourd'hui

In charge of :

Ensuring the compatibility of the formulation/packaging combination and participate at the conception of packaging in order to guarantee the expected product level of quality.

Guiding operational teams in the choices of conception, including material choices and optimize test plans based on the risk analysis and extrapolation guide

Dealing and managing projects within the set deadlines of the planning of the launches and in cohérence with QEHS system.

Preparing and publishing compatibility synthesis and in case on incompatible, participating to the research of solutions.

Ensuring the communication on the project and warning the operational team in case of problem.

Packaging engineer

L'OREAL , Clichy - CDD

De Mars 2019 à Août 2019

Fixed-term contract in L’ORÉAL at Saint Ouen (92).
I was in charge of the deployment of recycled plastic in plastic bottles for Professional and Consumer Products Divisions. I was responsible for the technical part of operational projects (Launch / Renovation / Compliance upgrade)

I have acquired much knowledge and expertise during this period
*Technical skills*
- Knowledge about cosmetics
- Knowledge about plastics processing
- Solutions to technical problems relating to compatibility between bottles and bulks

*Human skills*
- Being in touch with the different services of the company on operational projects (compatibility / Development / Expertise / Factory / Purchasing)
- Working on solutions with suppliers in charge of plastic bottles production

Product development engineer

L'OREAL , Clichy - Stage

De Septembre 2018 à Février 2019

Quality & method assistant engineer

SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES (Anciennement SNECMA) , Evry - Stage

De Septembre 2016 à Février 2017

I joined the Safran Aircraft Engines company during 6 months as an engineer assistant in the Quality and Method departments.
I had to resolve quality problems at the Supply Chain and improve the process of passing and processing of technical data to make the manufacturing reliable.

I have learned a lot from this experience :
*Technical skills*
- Knowledge about the aeronautic world
- Knowledge about Quality tools
- Continuous improvement
- Managerial strategies

*Human skills*
- Building consensus for change
- Working in harmony with the different sevices of the company
- Being in touch with machine operators, supervisors, engineers and providers.

Technicien in research department


De Avril 2015 à Juin 2015

I worked 3 Months in Safran Electronics & Defense as Technicien in research department.

The project was to model aircraft door actuator components and assemble them to get the full products in 3D. The assemblies were made available to the company when I completed my internship.

During this experience, I have acquired some skills :
*Technical skills* :
- Control of the CAD software CATIA
- Technical machining solution for the production
- Mechanical functional dimensioning

*Human skills*
- Working in teams (with the different services)
- Being in touch with technicians, engineers



Membre de la Team Animation

WaterPolo UTC

Président du Tournoi UTCéen de Waterpolo

Parcours officiels

Ingénierie du Design Industriel – UTC – 2019


Anglais - Technique

Espagnol - Notions

Français - Langue maternelle


Suite Adobe (Photoshop, illustrator,..)
Suite Microsoft Office
Rhinoceros 3D
MS Project
Capacité de travail en équipe
Relation fournisseur
Amélioration continue
Domaine aéronautique
Conception CAO: ProE - CATIA
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Travail en équipe
Developpement de produit
Développement de Produits
Etude des capacités fournisseurs
Development d'uisnes et de fournisseurs
Industrialisation de produits
Injection et extrusion Plastique
Conception et industrialisation de pièces plastiques
Environnement et développement durable
Analyse de risques
Essais en laboratoire

Centres d'intérêt

  • Natation : Sportif de haut niveau (Multiples participations aux championnats de France) Secourisme : Diplome Premiers Secours en Équipe niv.2 & BNSSA / Sauveteur en Mer sur les plages du Cap Ferret pendant 4 ans Océan : Permis côtier + Planche à voile + Surf / Bodysurf